Chad is a fierce advocate for improving quality of life through infrastructure improvements. Since he took office as vice mayor in 2016, he has led the fight to push Wheeling City Council to invest over $10 million in street paving and demolition projects of blighted buildings. In just that 7-year period, more miles of streets and alleys have been paved, than in the previous twenty years combined. Rather than kick the can down the road for someone else to deal with, Chad provided real leadership and got things done.

Chad has also plans to explore the feasibility of a Sidewalk Assistance Program, to help residents and business owners with the cost of repairing and maintaining the broken and unsafe sidewalks in front of their properties. Under current West Virginia law, property owners are responsible for the condition of those public sidewalks, with many of them in a state of disrepair throughout the city. Chad hopes to do something about that.

When Chad is elected mayor, his commitment to maintaining our streets and alleys and getting rid of blight will not change.

See Ward-by-Ward details of the many paving and demolition projects completed since 2016.