Donate Now to Help Chad Finish the Job!


Donate Now to Help Chad Finish the Job!


  • Born and Raised in Wheeling
  • Vice President of Warwood Armature
  • Graduate of Central Catholic High School
  • Bachelor’s degree from West Virginia University
  • MBA degree from Wheeling Jesuit University



Businessman. Proven Leader.

When Vice Mayor Chad Thalman first ran for public office in 2016, people said that Wheeling was dead, that the downtown had become a ghost town. Chad stood up and challenged that belief, rolled up his sleeves, and got to work.

He fought for public safety—and helped bring unprecedented and long neglected investments back into the police and fire departments.

He fought for a higher quality of life—and championed the renovation and restoration of city parks and playgrounds, and the addition of recreational assets like dog parks and splash pads.

He fought for Wheeling’s neighborhoods, and as a result, the city has paved more streets and alleys in the last seven years than in the previous twenty years combined. And he took aim at demolishing run-down buildings that had lowered property values and harbored crime.

He fought for economic development—and Wheeling has now experienced a level of new construction and growth not seen in our lifetimes—with over half a billion dollars in private and public investment taking place.

When other candidates for mayor say they’ll bring new growth and opportunity, they’re telling you what they hope to do. Chad Thalman has been doing it for his entire career as a businessman and as vice mayor. While they make promises, he’s delivered results.

The Intelligencer / News-Register has called the miracle that’s happening in Wheeling “a true turnaround” and a “rebirth.” As vice mayor, Chad’s been instrumental in this renaissance, but he’s just getting started. Send him to the mayor’s office to CONTINUE THE COMEBACK!


  • Born and Raised in Wheeling
  • Vice President of Warwood Armature
  • Graduate of Central Catholic High School
  • Bachelor’s degree from West Virginia University
  • MBA degree from Wheeling Jesuit University



Fighting for Wheeling!

In the past seven years, our city has experienced a miraculous revitalization not seen in generations. As Wheeling’s vice mayor, Chad Thalman has been a key player in this amazing turnaround. He’s been on the front lines, fighting the fight and leading the way!

Under Chad’s watch, Wheeling has seen vast economic and quality of life improvements with historic investments made in downtown redevelopment, public safety, road paving projects, and parks and recreation.

Property values have increased, while revenue from both sales tax and B&O tax are dramatically higher due to increased economic activity.

Economic Development2023-11-14T00:41:06-05:00

Economic development is the lifeblood of any city or community. And Wheeling is undergoing a historic and miraculous renaissance not seen in our lifetimes. The Wheeling News-Register has called it “a true turnaround” and a “rebirth.” U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said “If Wheeling was a stock, I’d be buying. You can feel the energy here. You can see that sense of momentum.” But it didn’t happen by accident. As vice mayor, Chad has been leading the charge and been a key advocate for new development. He chaired the Finance Committee and plays a major role serving on the Development Committee. His efforts, and those of Wheeling City Council, have paved the way for the over half a billion dollars in public and private investment taking place.

Chad was also instrumental in pushing council to establish the Entertainment Endowment Fund for the Greater Wheeling Sports and Entertainment Authority. Formed to attract high-caliber music and entertainment acts to the city’s performing arts venues, particularly WesBanco Arena and the Capitol Theatre, the fund has already generated a positive economic impact with projections for significant future increases.

As mayor, Chad will continue to push for and support new growth, entrepreneurship, and prosperity.

Public Safety2023-11-13T23:30:20-05:00

As vice mayor, Chad has fought for enhancements to public safety and strongly supported pay raises and new equipment for our first responders. He was a key voice in getting council to invest $17 million in the new police and fire headquarters projects.

The need for new headquarters had been talked about for over twenty years. Chad didn’t just talk about it, he got it done, making the difficult decision to provide the needed funding.

The police department had been operating in the old facility since 1959, having outgrown it decades ago. The new 30,000 square-foot building features modern training facilities and equipment, spacious evidence rooms, a full-size fitness center, a lunchroom and office space.

The fire department relocated from the bottom level of the crumbling Center Wheeling Parking Garage, where it had been headquartered since 1978. The 25,000 square feet, single story structure is equipped with space for additional trucks, areas for hands-on training, including a hose drying/training tower, a large training room, offices for command staff and spacious bunk rooms/sleeping quarters for firefighters.

Chad also led council in providing funds for modernizing the fire department fleet, replacing some engines that had been in service for upwards of 30-40 years, and providing additional patrol cars for police.

As Wheeling’s mayor, Chad will continue to make public safety a top priority.

See the new headquarters of the Wheeling Police and Fire Departments.

Keeping Wheeling Safe2024-02-12T13:32:34-05:00

Chad believes the most fundamental role of government is to protect its citizens, ensuring that they are safe from harm and danger. As vice mayor, he has championed several initiatives to help keep Wheeling safe.

He strongly advocated for the plan to ban camping on public property to eliminate unregulated homeless camps and the myriad problems associated with an increase in the homeless population such as vandalism, panhandling, littering, public urination, public intoxication, and prostitution.

He stands with the law-abiding, tax-paying citizens of Wheeling and strongly believes that no unauthorized and unregulated homeless camps should be allowed anywhere in the city.

He also fought for higher pay for both police officers and fire fighters. And he advocated for expanding the residency requirement for where police officers can live to enhance recruitment and retention, as well as enabling all officers to have a take-home patrol car. This allows for faster response times in the event of an emergency, less wear and tear on vehicles, and an increased police presence in our neighborhoods, which research shows deters crime and helps maintain public safety.

As mayor, Chad will do everything in his power to keep our streets, parks and neighborhoods safe for all citizens and visitors.


Chad believes that small and medium sized businesses, and the workers who make them successful, are the backbone of our economy. And he believes that government should do everything in its power to make it easier for people to do business in the City of Wheeling.

From faster processing of permits, licenses and other paperwork, to exploring innovative incentives to help bring new business and development to life, he believes Wheeling should be “Open for Business” not just as slogan, but as an everyday reality.

Chad championed the admittedly risky venture of the city taking possession of the former OVMC property. In time, his bold leadership paid off when WVU Medicine was induced to develop a new comprehensive regional cancer center on that site, a $90 million transformational project expected to create 150 permanent jobs and up to 50,000 patient visits annually.

Chad helped create and advocated for the Downtown Facade Improvement Program, which provides matching grants for qualified facade improvements to privately owned commercial buildings throughout the city. To date, the nearly $1 million in grants awarded have generated $5 million in additional investment.

He has also personally invested in Wheeling’s comeback, as an owner of several mixed-use properties, including two downtown properties currently being renovated.

Streets & Infrastructure2023-11-17T14:20:46-05:00

Chad is a fierce advocate for improving quality of life through infrastructure improvements. Since he took office as vice mayor in 2016, he has led the fight to push Wheeling City Council to invest over $10 million in street paving and demolition projects of blighted buildings. In just that 7-year period, more miles of streets and alleys have been paved, than in the previous twenty years combined. Rather than kick the can down the road for someone else to deal with, Chad provided real leadership and got things done.

Chad has also plans to explore the feasibility of a Sidewalk Assistance Program, to help residents and business owners with the cost of repairing and maintaining the broken and unsafe sidewalks in front of their properties. Under current West Virginia law, property owners are responsible for the condition of those public sidewalks, with many of them in a state of disrepair throughout the city. Chad hopes to do something about that.

When Chad is elected mayor, his commitment to maintaining our streets and alleys and getting rid of blight will not change.

See Ward-by-Ward details of the many paving and demolition projects completed since 2016.

Parks & Recreation2023-11-13T22:07:27-05:00

When Chad first ran for office in 2016, he did so with a commitment to invest in the city’s parks, playgrounds and recreational areas, which had been severely neglected for decades. Although the idea was mocked by some then-current elected officials, he knew that having safe, modern facilities would enhance and strengthen our neighborhoods and enrich the lives of our citizens, while making Wheeling even more attractive to new residents and businesses.

He led the way, and championed the investment of over $3 million to renew and rejuvenate our public recreational spaces. From neighborhood playgrounds and baseball fields, to pickleball, tennis and basketball courts, to neighborhood pools, dog parks, and splash pads, our parks and recreational assets have undergone an amazing transformation that have had a profound impact on both children and adults alike.

As mayor, Chad will continue to maintain and improve our parks and recreational spaces.

See just a sampling of the many parks, playgrounds and recreational projects completed since 2016.

Public Art & Beautification2023-11-17T14:19:27-05:00

Chad believes that communities gain cultural, social and economic value through public art. And he strongly supports the Wheeling Arts and Cultural Commission’s mission of being a catalyst for long term, rich, inclusive arts and cultural experiences for our citizens. Chad’s vision is to one day have Wheeling known not just as “The Friendly City” but also “A City of Murals.”

As mayor, he also plans to establish a Beautification Committee made up of citizen volunteers who would be charged with developing a comprehensive plan to identify ways to beautify Wheeling.

Beautification and urban green space initiatives enhance the environment and mental health, while increasing civic pride and economic activity. From the planting of street trees, with their proven aesthetic, commercial, and environmental benefits, to controlling weeds, grass, and litter, Chad has a vision for beautification throughout Wheeling’s neighborhoods.



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