Chad believes the most fundamental role of government is to protect its citizens, ensuring that they are safe from harm and danger. As vice mayor, he has championed several initiatives to help keep Wheeling safe.

He strongly advocated for the plan to ban camping on public property to eliminate unregulated homeless camps and the myriad problems associated with an increase in the homeless population such as vandalism, panhandling, littering, public urination, public intoxication, and prostitution.

He stands with the law-abiding, tax-paying citizens of Wheeling and strongly believes that no unauthorized and unregulated homeless camps should be allowed anywhere in the city.

He also fought for higher pay for both police officers and fire fighters. And he advocated for expanding the residency requirement for where police officers can live to enhance recruitment and retention, as well as enabling all officers to have a take-home patrol car. This allows for faster response times in the event of an emergency, less wear and tear on vehicles, and an increased police presence in our neighborhoods, which research shows deters crime and helps maintain public safety.

As mayor, Chad will do everything in his power to keep our streets, parks and neighborhoods safe for all citizens and visitors.